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The World Record Jump


World Record High Altitude Parachute Jump

Steve Truglia will attempt to set a new World High Altitude Parachute Record this Summer by parachuting from the edge of space, 120,000 feet (or over 23 miles high). 

The FAI, (Federation Aeronautique Internationale), will ratify the World Record attempt.

A training jump from 52,000 feet will first take place to test all systems from a location within the USA. This will be ratified by the FAI as a European Record.

A normal sport skydive lasts for 1 minute before the canopy is deployed; Steve's jump will take over 7 mins, after an ascent of over 2 hours.

At 120,000ft above the Earth  the sky will be black and the curvature of the Earth will be clearly visible.

Steve Truglia training in an old Russian pressure suit Feb 2008, UK 

This photo was taken on 27th Feb 08 at Hinton Parachute Club in Northamptonshire, UK. This was the first real test of jumping in a pressure suit similar to the one Steve will use on his 120,000 feet World Record attempt.











Joe Kittinger jumping in 1960 from 102,800 feet, the current World Record

A view of the World from 95,000 feet. Photo taken from an unmanned meterological balloon.

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