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The World Record Jump


Follow Steve's Training for the High Altitude Jump:

    Watch a video of Steve's first training jump in his space pressure suit
27th Feb 2008 Hinton Parachute Centre, Northamptonshire, 
Cameraman Andy Ford


Steve will perform a 120,000 feet World Record High Altitude Parachute Jump in  the USA. He is training towards that goal.

Steve's training is split into four main areas:

1. Physical fitness and core strength,
2. Familiarisation with the life support equipment,
3. Altitude chamber simulations of breathing in a pressure suit,
4. High altitude parachute jumps with equipment and skydive simulator jumps.

 Steve's training preparation for the 120,000ft World Record jump from the edge of space is well under way. Steve has already begun freefall training with equipment similar to that which he will need to wear for this jump and will be carrying out a series of refresher HALO jumps in the coming months. Nearer the time Steve will test and train in his brand new custom made space suit and life support system.

A major challenge is the cold. The temperature at 120,000ft will be around - 100 degrees. A specially heated inner suit will be worn to fend off the cold.

A normal sport skydive lasts for 1 minute before the canopy is deployed; Steve's  jump will take around 6 - 7 minutes.. 

Steve is currently working on his general fitness with a combination of weight training, core strength training, cardiovascular fitness work, VO2 Max training, interval running, explosive power training, circuit training, static and dynamic breath holding (Steve set the UK's first No Limits freedive record in 2002), Yoga and meditation. As a qualified Army physical training instructor Steve will not be leaving his fitness to chance.

A sacrificial 'training' pressure suit is being used to wear in the skydiving simulator an for Steve's live parachute jumps.

Steve will be performing over 10 hours of flying in the Airkix indoor skydiving tunnel in Milton Keynes UK. This training is vital to his safety and training for the big jump.

In addition, Steve will be skydiving regularly at Skydive Airkix at Sibson Airfield, Peterborough, UK, and at other UK and overseas drop zones. Steve's training includes 200 jumps before June.

Photos, video clips and training stories can be found on the News Blog. To keep up to date with our progress click below for a news feed from the Blog:













Steve Truglia test jumping a pressure suit February 08 UK


A print of Joe Kittinger Jumping from 102,800 feet in 1960, The current World Record

The Earth from 95,000 feet taken from an unmanned meterological balloon

Steve skydiving for a James Bond spoof sequence, Moonraker style

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